DIY Outdoor cushions

Sep 3, 2013

As we still have some sunny days left we've been trying to enjoy the garden before the real autumn strikes! That in mind, I wanted to make us some outdoor floor cushions to make it easy and comfy to sit on our lawn and have a drink or maybe eat some bbq.

We had these colourful rugs in our basement. We used them in our previous place, but they're actually quite small & slippery, so we ended up not using them at all in our current house. So, repurpose as a cushion seemed like a good plan.
There are several tutorials for similar projects on internet (such as this). But how I did, basically, was just to hand-sew two ends together with a big needle and a strong, doubled thread. My rugs were the perfect size so I didn't even have to cut them, which could be a but tricky.

On the other side I laid the fabrics in a way that they overlap a bit in the middle. I didn't bother to make a system for closingthe pillows, but they work just fine for me like this! The inside cushions are out of old sheets and filled with small styrofoam balls from an old beanbag chair. So actually, there are three unused objects merged in one in this project.

P8291782ladybug approves!
They're actually really comfy and sturdy so I'm quite pleased with this project. I could also imagine having them inside at home for winter. Hope you like them as well! See you soon!

Pikkuprojekti kesän loppuun: tyynyt vanhoista räsymatoista. Olipa helppoa ja nopeaa, ei tarvinnut kuin ommella sivut yhteen karhunlangalla, kun matot olivat just sopivan kokoisia. Sisälle tein sisätyynyt vanhasta lakanasta ja ikiaikaisen säkkituolin styroksitäytteestä. Eli kolme käyttämätöntä juttua sulautui yhdeksi, jota ollaan nyt sitten oikeasti käytetty ulkona. Ja miksei nämä kävis myös sisällekin, eikö vaan! Toivottavasti tykkäsitte, näkyillään!


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